2×2 Rubik’s Cube for Kids

In 1970, the 2×2 Rubik’s Cube was invented by Larry Nichols and we are eternally grateful for his invention. Unlike the 3×3 cube, the 2×2 Rubik’s cube is easier to solve, making it easier for kids to take on. However, regardless of the size and dimension, the cube still gives the same benefit as the 3×3 cube.

The 2×2 Rubik’s cube for kids is amazing and perfect for children of all ages (and even beginner adults). The drive to solve the puzzle might just be what you need to get your little one get interested in exercising their mind.

The Rubik’s cube is solved LAYER by LAYER

Solving a Rubik’s Cube in A Short Time – The Need for Speed

The tips below will improve your skills and ultimately improve your solving time.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

    Constant practicing is the only way to significantly improve your solving time. When you keep practicing, you’ll get acquainted with the algorithm, the shape, the size and this will help you to know your way around the puzzle.

  2. Get A Good Cube

    Getting a good cube will make solving the puzzle easier for you. You should consider getting a speed cube as it has great quality and is the ideal cube. The ideal cube should have the following:

    Must be light
    Should be pop resistant
    Must be lock up resistant
    Should be very smooth.

  3. Algorithms and Notations

    When you’re able to know the algorithms by heart and hand memory without necessarily having to think back to the notation of an algorithm, your solving time will reduce drastically. To achieve this, you should make use of the algorithms several times until you can do it without giving it a lot of thought.

  4. Master Your Technique

    To solve this puzzle quickly, you need to master your technique. Know what to solve next while solving an edge piece. This way, you’ll be able to reduce thinking time. There are 2 phases/ times in solving this puzzle. We will call them the thinking time and the solving time. If you’re able to think of the next piece to solve while currently solving one piece, you’ll automatically make more time for yourself and finish up the puzzle in a shortly.

  5. Use Your Fingers

    This tip will help to shorten execution time. It is very important to master, even after you’ve learned all the algorithms. Finger tricks is the movement of layers of the cube with your fingers instead of using your whole hand. If you’re able to master this, you’ll be able to make important moves without having to rotate the whole cube.

Says Erno Rubik, “Complex things, if you don’t understand them, it seems complicated. If you understand them, and we know how to handle it, it became simple!”

Rubik’s Cube 2×2 for Kids

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Benefits of the Rubik’s cube For Kids

  • Focus and Determination

The Rubik’s cube is one of the puzzles that use the trial-and-error method which allows the children to come up in multiple moves to solve the puzzle. By trying out different possibilities, the child’s determination to solve the puzzle will be stronger. The determination will teach your child to focus on their task until they’re able to solve Rubik’s cube.

Coupled with these, solving a Rubik’s cube teaches kids that there are different methods to solving certain problems. This is because the Rubik’s cube does not have hidden cheat to solve the puzzle faster. So every time your kid solves the puzzle, they do so in a unique way.

  • Problem-solving skills

Playing with the Rubik’s cube helps in developing and nurturing your child’s problem-solving skills. The Rubik’s cube is solved through a trial-and-error method, which teaches the kids that every move made while attempting to solve the Rubik’s cube can either bring them closer to the solution or complicate the puzzle more. By trying out multiple strategies, the child will develop an understanding of how problem-solving works.

But that is not all. An understanding of the process of arriving at a solution will help your child eliminate the moves that took them away from solving the puzzle. Sooner or later, they will create a pattern that will help them solve the puzzle even faster.

  • Improves Hand-Eye coordination

Playing with a Rubik’s cube for kids will help in sharpening your child’s brain resulting from the coordination between the hands and eyes. When your child plays with the cube, their brain is working hard to find answers at the same time that their hands are busy executing the brain’s command. As a result, there is a unity between several reflexes which creates an evolved learning system.

  • Keep boredom away

If your kids are hyperactive or easily get bored, getting them to play with the Rubik’s cube is the perfect solution. Using the Rubik’s cube also teaches them positive skills that will help in their mental improvement. The cube will keep your child’s mind focused and help the child realize that complex tasks can be broken down into simple steps.

  • Other positive skills and traits

Once your child starts understanding the Rubik’s cube, in no short time, he/she will be glued to it. They will begin to enjoy trying out different moves or strategies that will get them to the solution. The patience they learn while solving puzzles teaches them to persevere – a good trait for your little one to have.

Summing it up!

The Rubik’s cube for kids is the perfect game and the perfect challenge to present your child with. On one level, it keeps them busy and away from trouble. On another level, the mental benefits are amazing. So, how about getting your kids off their screens for some time and taking up a challenge with the Rubik’s Cube?

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