Answering Kids’ Questions – Why You Shouldn’t Do It

Children ask a lot of questions and it is good to answer some of those questions. However, answering kids’ questions should not happen all the time. This is because sometimes children ask questions when they already know the answer to the question, even though they are unaware of that fact.

If your child asks a technical question, you should answer then give relatable examples to support your answer. But if they ask a regular question that they should know at their age, you should ask them right back so that they can answer the questions.

When answering kids’ questions, it is advised that you withhold some small piece of information, and allow them to figure it out on their own. This is because if you answer all their questions, they might forget the answers you gave. But when you allow them to figure it out by themselves, chances are that they won’t forget.


Positive Angles to Not Answering Kids Question

Kids always ask questions. While some of these questions can be silly, others are actually important questions. The best thing to do in this case is to not answer all their questions, but to ask them some back and watch them make an attempt to find out the answers on their own.

There are several benefits attached to not answering kids’ questions. Some of these benefits include:

  • Not Answering Kids Questions Makes them Motivated

This motivation makes them curious enough to find their own answers to the questions bothering them. We can help them find answers to these questions, but as parents, we shouldn’t just give them all the answers. Depending on the age of your child, you can teach them how to use search engines and how to read and carry out research on their own. Many children are fast learners so they should have no problem picking up new knowledge fast.

“Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.”

  • Not Answering Kids’ Questions Give them New Insight and Encourage them to Solve Problems

As parents, when we empower our kids and put things in place to help them answer their own questions, we help develop their problem-solving skills and this is a plus for them. This is because they’ll be able to use these skills to solve real-life problems.

  • It Makes Kids Realize that they Already Know the Answers to Some of the Questions they Ask

If your kids keep asking you questions and you keep answering them, they might think only adults know correct answers. As a result, they might not trust themselves to answer certain questions correctly. And in the long run, it may have adverse effects on their esteem and how they see themselves.

When you let them answer their own questions, the opposite will ring true. They will realize that they have the capacity to know things and it will only increase their thirst for knowledge.

Make a List
We have established that children will always ask questions. So, when these questions fall under the category of those you shouldn’t answer, you can make a list.
The list of unanswered questions should be kept in a visible place where your kid can always see it. Then, at the end of each week, you can take your child to a library where you can both look through books to find the answers your child seek. An alternative is using the internet to find the answers. So, not only will you be helping your child discover the answers to their questions, they’ll also learn to use the internet and library for research.


It is worthy to note that your kids won’t successfully find answers to all the questions. However, encouraging them to be curious and inquisitive could help build up their interest in research from a very young age. Many times, questions breed more questions, and if they remain curious they will end up acquiring a lot of knowledge that even you will be impressed. Chances are that they will originally feel frustrated if you keep refusing to answer their questions. But this act will help build their knowledge and interest in research over the years.

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