Building an Indoor Obstacle Course for Kids

Online classes, work from home, and almost no physical activity – everyone is strongly affected by this ongoing pandemic. However, in this social distancing and quarantine, children have suffered the most. They are forced to stay at home away from their school friends. The fact is that when we are stuck inside, it gets quite challenging to come up with ways to entertain our kids every day. Yes, you can watch movies, play video games, bake unending treats, but then what? In this article, we will help you to build an indoor obstacle course for your little ones that will engage them in countless creative hours. These little challenges can boost your child’s creativity and helps in mind feeding. They will also help them to stay physically and mentally active in these quarantine days. 

Designing an obstacle course:

While designing any indoor obstacle course, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you should know that every child has unique abilities. So, keep in mind their ages, abilities, the number of children, and the space you have. Also, this isn’t something as complicated as you might think. Just look around your house for daily use items like blankets, paper towel rolls, soup ladle, jump rope, kitchen tongs, etc. Make sure the obstacle course is easy and simple initially, and then introduce challenging tasks gradually. 

The 10 Obstacle Challenge: 

So, if you are looking forward to creating an indoor obstacle course, the video posted below will make things easier for you. You will see a little champ taking on an indoor obstacle challenge. Every task plays a part in mind feeding, and it ultimately develops a never-ending love of learning in your child. 

  • 1st Obstacle – Floor is lava: A very old and popular obstacle that can enhance your child’s balance, attention, and visual-motor skills. 
  • 2nd Obstacle – sort the letters on post-it notes to create the right word: An educational activity that can make learning really fun! 
  • 3rd Obstacle – crawl under the rope: It is certainly a healthy physical activity! 
  • 4th Obstacle – Make a pyramid using the cups: It would be a test of your child’s patience. 
  • 5th obstacle – Addition word problem: Another educational twist! It can even make mathematics fun. 
  • 6th obstacle – Do five sit-ups: Another way to boost your little one’s strength. This is really necessary as kids do not have much activity these days. 
  • 7th obstacle – Jump above the rope
  • 8th obstacle – Shimmy across the floor with plates: Another full-body exercise. 
  • 9th obstacle – Multiple choice questions: These questions could be of anything! 
  • 10th obstacle – Jump over the hurdles: To complete with high spirits, this is another challenge that requires physical strength and gives a sense of accomplishment after the finish. 


These little activities carry a significant impact on your child’s overall personality. They will not only boost their creativity but also give them a sense of achievement. A creative education strategy like this feeds the mind and turns into entrepreneurial activity. 

Building an Indoor Obstacle Course for Kids
Building an Indoor Obstacle Course for Kids
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