DIY Water Filtration Experiment – Science Education for Kids

Making a water filtration experiment is not as technical as it sounds. It can be made out of household items and will enlighten your children on how a filtration system works.

A water filter experiment is an educational activity and as parents, you should take time out to carry out this experiment with your kids.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your own filtration experiment from inexpensive household materials.

How to Do a Water Filtration Experiment

Kids can learn the science of cleaning and reusing dirty water by conducting an interesting water purification experiment using a desalination kit perfect for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in chemistry and the environment.

Moreover, kids can also use recycled materials found at home to carry out a Do It Yourself water filtration experiment.

Some of these materials include:

  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Charcoal
  • Clean drinking glass
  • Filter paper
  • Scissors or knife
  • Plastic bottle
  • Dirty water.


Below are the steps necessary to be taken to ensure that your water filtration experiment works properly.

  1. Cut out the bottom part of the plastic bottle with scissors or knife;
  2. Place the plastic bottle upside down into your clean drinking glass;
  3. Place your filter papers properly inside your cut plastic bottle, (this will serve as the first layer);
  4. Add an inch of charcoal as the second layer on top of the filter paper;
  5. Add about two inches of gravel over the charcoal;
  6. On top of the gravel, add about three to four inches of sand;
  7. Add more gravel over the sand as the final layer;
  8. You can now proceed to pour the glass of dirty/ muddy water into your homemade water filter and watch how the dirt is sieved out at each stage and into the clean glass below.

Does It Really work?

Of course, it does! The sand, gravel, and filter paper act as a purifier and they filter out diets and other larger materials from the solution to leave you a clean, see-through cup of water as the solution travels downwards.

Benefits of Science Education for Kids

Exposing kids to the unlimited possibilities of science at a young age is very beneficial to them. They see it as a very fun thing to do and they tend to embrace science at a very young age as well. There are several benefits attached to teaching them about science, and these benefits include:

  • It Teaches them the Basics of Science

Early science education is able to provide a foundation of science to them. So, it allows them to enjoy science from a very young age and ensures that they become conversant with scientific research and experiments.

  • Breeds Their Interest and Love for Science

Children are very curious beings, and they were designed to experiment right from the start. This is why it is advised to tap into this part of them at a young age so that they can see science as fun. When this happens, they establish a positive approach to science which stays with them for many years.

  • Helps them Develop Related Skills and Attributes

Science education provides kids with the opportunity to develop interests and skills with respect to science and experiments. Thus, this is instrumental to their reasoning and it helps them answer the questions ‘how does this happen’.

  • Keeps them Engaged

Instead of spending all their time with tea parties and regular children pass times, early exposure to science can engage your children educationally which will help shape their future.


Lastly, young children are naturally curious and full of questions. So, when exposed to science at an early age, they will have many questions that they will want to investigate and get answers to. Many of the world’s best scientists were introduced to science at a very young age and this helped shape their future and has made them remain relevant. Teach your children science from a very young age, and who knows, they might become the next Nikola Tesla.

DIY Water Filtration Experiment – Science Education for Kids
DIY Water Filtration Experiment – Science Education for Kids

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