Escape Room Activity is Great For Kids

Children are very active people. Not only do they always need something to keep their bodies occupied, but they also need activities to stimulate their minds too. While they can either spend all their time in front of the TV, on their phones or playing games, it is best they have pastimes that will benefit their minds. One of such pastimes is an escape room activity.

Escape rooms provide us with an experience that is fun, mentally stimulating, and exciting. It involves a number of rooms, all packed with clues that must be deciphered in a certain amount of time. Each clue or puzzle must be found and solved in order to escape the room. It is an amazing activity for kids and has a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

iDventure Cluebox Escape Room in a Box

An interactive box with various puzzles, which have to be solved one after the other to open the box. There is nothing based on randomness, but only on logical decisions.
Brainteaser with a Secret

Pigpen Grid Key Panel for Escape Rooms

Also known as the Masonic Cipher, you can use this as a translation key in your room escape game
A perfect addition to detective and spy kits

Funyole Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt Card Game

Children can find their peer or family members to play this game. The multiplayer interaction will enhance children’s communication and parent-child interaction, and help them better explore and love the world.
Indoor and Outdoor Activities for Kids Learning

5 Benefits of An Escape Room Activity For Kids

It Fosters a Spirit of Teamwork

Escape rooms are seldom undertaken alone. It is a group activity that brings a group of persons together who will attempt to solve the mysteries in the room. Because it is necessary to work together, children will learn to work in a team.

This is an amazing life lesson because it builds and teaches children to function well with teammates. They learn the power of pooling minds and resources together to overcome challenges.

Improve Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Escape rooms have time limits. This means that the clue needed to escape each room must be found in a specified amount of time. In order to pass the rooms, children must think fast and think smart.

What’s more, the puzzles are not designed to be too easy. Critical and timely thinking must be done if success is to be achieved. Escape rooms are perfectly ideal for your kids to improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Creative Thinking

To succeed in an escape room activity, it is necessary to think outside the box. The puzzles are not meant to be conventional, instead to test the ability of people to think in a different way than they normally would.

This will inevitably encourage children to have an open mind when they are met with problems. They will find solutions to difficulties by thinking creatively.

It Builds Confidence

The ability to solve puzzles correctly makes most people feel confident. Playing a game and advancing because of correct thinking will make kids feel like they are capable of anything.

It is great for building their self-esteem – being capable to participate in a team and making contributions.

It is a Fun Activity

In everything, most children are first attracted to fun and excitement. Not only will solving escape room puzzles shape and strengthen their minds, but they will also have a blast while doing it. The thrill of using their mental powers to unlock rooms (literally) will be a fun memory for everyone, especially kids.

Creative Escape Room Ideas

If you’re unsure about the kind of escape room activity your child can try, here are some ideas you can get inspiration from:

  1. Picture Pieces: Cut a picture into several pieces, hide each piece in various places around the room, and have the kids find all the pieces to put together the clue.
  2. The Mirror hides the clue: Write down the clue on paper in such a way that it can be read only by placing it in front of a mirror.
  3. Pop the balloon: Inflate a couple of balloons, choose one and hide the clue inside it. Then have the kids pop the balloons until they pop the one with the clue inside.
  4. Invisible message: Write the clue on a piece of paper using an invisible ink or paintbrush dipped in lemon juice. The message will only appear when the paper is placed over open flame, like a burning candle.


Kids will find something to take up their time unless you pick something rewarding and educational for them as a parent or guardian. It is okay to watch T.V and ride their bikes, but get them hooked on an escape room activity as well. The benefits are limitless.

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