Hopscotch for Kids – Amazing Games to Play with a Piece of Chalk

Hopscotch for kids is a very popular playground game. The game is majorly played by kids, and they play it by throwing/tossing around a small object/marker into numbered squares. When this is done, the player then jumps through the spaces to retrieve the tossed objects.

This game’s origin can be traced back to the times during the reign of the Roman Empire and was originally played in ancient Britain by the Roman soldiers. In the coming years, younger children in that region created their own version of the game for themselves. Their squares were smaller than the soldiers and they added a scoring system in order to determine a winner.

Why Hopscotch is Good for Your Kid

More than just a game, hopscotch has great benefits for your kids. Yes, they’ll have fun because it’s a challenging game but there are physical and mental benefits as well. Let’s see some reasons why Hopscotch is good for your kids.

  • Hopscotch can help your kids master their environment, as it encourages spatial awareness. This happens because your child will always be aware of every move and actions made during the game.
  • Hopscotch for kids is a fairly complex game and your kid can be a master of the game through enough practice. The game could help improve your child’s memory as a result of the amount of thinking involved.
  • This game can help your kid have better balance and good footwork.
  • Hopscotch is able to trigger your kids’ mathematical skills and make them more familiar with numbers.
  • Hopscotch is able to teach your kids association and how to work with a team. This is because it can be a group game, and it helps sharpen social skills.

Setting up Hopscotch

All you need to set up the hopscotch game are 3 things. First and most important is a roomy area like backyard, veranda, or playground. Secondly, you’ll need a sidewalk chalk with which you’ll draw a hopscotch board. Finally, you need markers. The markers have to be small and incapable of hurting your kid’s little feet. Anything from pebbles or little flat stones will do.

Drawing the Hopscotch Squares

It is very easy to draw the squares and it can be done by anyone who can hold a chalk. You can choose any of the patterns shown below:

Drawing hopscotch squares doesn’t need any artistic skills. Here are a few ways you can draw the chalk grid.

The important things to take note of is the size of the squares. You want a square big enough to fit your kid’s foot and also ensure the markers thrown into it will not easily bounce out. For younger kids, playing the bigger grids might prove more difficult. So it’s advised to allow them start mastering the smaller grids before progressing to the bigger 8 or 10 grids.

How to Play Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a game for children of all ages. There is no specific age group who play this game. It can be played by a single person, and as a group.  It is played by tossing a marker into any of the squares, then hopping through the squares to collect the marker, and then hopping right back.

Rules of Hopscotch for Kids

Below are the rules necessary for children to know before playing the game.

  • Once the squares are completely drawn, each child should be given a marker.
  • The first person to play then throws the marker into the first square, making sure it lands within the square while not touching the lines.
  • The player then hops into the second square, skipping the one they threw the marker in.
  • This continues through the rest squares firm the 1st to the 8th (depending on the number of grids). The player should hop into the single square but the double squares should be jumped into with both feet (each foot landing on each square).
  • When the player gets to the last square, they should hop and turn around. Then resume their journey back to the starting point.
  • On reaching the second square or the square that precedes where they threw their marker, the player should pause, and then bend down to pick up their marker. Then hops out while skipping the first square.
  • Having overcome the first square, the player can proceed to taking on the other squares by repeating the process and following the steps.

A player forfeits their turn if:

  1. They are unable to hop throughout the game using the same foot.
  2. They step on the boundary line while playing.
  3. The marker is not thrown within the square they are playing for.
  4. They forget to pick up their marker on their way back.


Hopscotch for kids is a very ideal game which helps them exercise their physical muscles and brains. Many kids play this activity on a daily basis, and it is a good way for your children to enjoy their time with friends. It is also a good strategy to get them away from TVs and gadgets for a while.

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