Checkers Game for Kids

Are you looking out for a family game that is interesting and fun at the same time? Well, if yes, then checkers game for kids is a great activity to keep your kids engaged and happy! Once you start playing checkers, there’s no going back it gives you the fun that you’re missing in other games. However, if you don’t know much about the game here is all the interesting information about it.

Rules and Gameplay of Checkers

Beginners need to understand the game from its very basic core. Checkers is a board game and it can be played amongst two players on an 8 x 8 checked board. Both the players have twelve pieces of their own in the shape of flat round disks that fits perfectly well in the boxes present on the board.

It is based on the ancient game known as Alquerque. Checkers is known as Draughts in many countries (remember in case you’re traveling and want to play a good board game.) Chess can be played on the board of checkers. (So, one board is going to be enough for you to play both the games!).

Positive Effects of Checkers Game for Kids

People often plan to teach their kids this amazing game to help them in developing their cognitive skills in a relatively faster manner. Here are some of the positive effects that checkers has on the minds of kids.

  1. It helps them to concentrate and focus

It is advised to never disturb kids when they are playing checkers. Their concentration is on the top level while they plan their moves. It also boosts their confidence level as they understand the next moves of their opponents and plan to beat them accordingly by using several strategies. Therefore, it can help children to polish their concentration skills which can be beneficial for the child’s future.

  • Improves problem-solving skills

While playing checkers, children tend to solve problems by looking out for ways. However, the problem is solved when they finally win the game. The developing brain of a kid is constantly functioning during this game as he thinks continuously, actively, and rapidly throughout the game. This constant thinking process helps them to develop problem-solving skills at a very young age in life.

  • Teaches the concept of winning and losing

Children must be exposed to both losing and winning at an early stage because it is a very difficult lesson to learn that might have deep impacts on one’s personality. Losing for the very first time is quite a difficult phase but playing a board game may help your kid to take it in a much better way. This game will motivate him to try for the second time and play much harder to win. Therefore, a life lesson is learned where kids are taught how to lose and win with grace.

Where to buy the checkers game for kids?

We hope this was quite a convincing post for you to get your hands on a checkers board and start playing it with your kid as soon as possible. You can order it now from Amazon!

Checkers Board Game

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