Children’s Books About Wildlife and Nature

Reading books to children about wildlife, nature and the environment is an important part of parenting. If they are able to care and have respect for wildlife and nature at a young age, they’ll play very important roles in preserving it for the next generation.

The earth’s natural environment is made up of wildlife (animals), nature (plants), atmosphere, hydrosphere, humans, etc. All of these elements form the ecosystem. Everything humans do on earth affects the ecosystem, which in turn affects nature and wildlife.

A lot of animals and plants have gone extinct, and many natural habitats have been destroyed because of man’s activities. It is for this reason that we need to teach the little ones the importance of caring for nature and wildlife. You can buy them books that better explain these concepts with pictures in ways that will make it easier for the kids to grasp.

Children Are Not Too Young to Learn About the Environment

Children are such happy and innocent souls, and if you’re able to teach them at their tender age that they should be friendlier to the environment, they’ll never forget. Teach them to respect animals (both pets and wild animals), how to react around them, how to plant trees, and how to preserve the environment.

Parents should teach their kids to play with pets (no fur pulling, soft touches, no touching of delicate, and sensitive parts). Concerning wild animals, they should be very careful and not let the animal feel threatened.

You can take it further by teaching them about global warming & littering, and how it affects wildlife and nature. All of these will make your child more sensitive to all that affects the environment.

Many animals use trees for resting, nesting and for places from which to hunt or capture prey. When the trees mature, animals are able to enjoy delicious fruits and foraging opportunities.

Why Use Books for Nature and Wildlife Education?

It is important that schools teach children about wildlife conservation and nature preservation. But more so, parents should not neglect to do the same at home. Children are very fast learners so there are various ways to teach them. But the most effective way is by using books.

National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia 

Featuring 2,500 species and packed with stunning color photographs, amazing animal facts, maps, and more, while providing kids with authoritative information about the animal kingdom.
This has to be the coolest book from NGK

Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids

50 Creative Projects to Spark Curiosity in the Outdoors. This book is filled with hands-on, educational outdoor activities that kids will love to learn from.
Creative projects to spark your kids’ curiosity

Ocean Animals and Their Ecosystems

Meet marine animals and their ecosystems―a book of ocean exploration for kids 8 to 12. This guide goes beyond other nature books for kids, taking you under the sea and into the homes of incredible ocean dwellers.
Packed with beautiful photos and interesting facts

Children learn better with words and pictures, and books that incorporate these two are the better option for teaching your kids about wildlife and nature. Use books to teach them about why they need to be kind to their environment. Why they should respect animals and be kind to them. But even more importantly, these books should address the pressing issue of poaching and deforestation.

Nature and wildlife have been going through several threats that have led to the endangerment of several animals. Poaching, hunting, and deforestation are all problems that arise from the involvement of humans. And children are not too young to know about this.

Books should be used to stimulate their minds and keep them aware of the reality of these problems. When your teach your kids these things, they will develop positive opinions about these problems and will play their part to bring a stop to the various issues problems facing Nature and Wildlife.


Wildlife education is very important for kids as it’ll help them understand the wrongs that man has done to the environment. And it’s also an attempt to raise people that will continue to correct the mistakes we’ve made.

Teaching your children about wildlife and nature encourages them to be eco-friendlier thereby preserving the earth for future generations. Reading to them, or getting them to read books about wildlife and nature is the perfect place to start their education.

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