Animal Tracks Activity for Kids – Become A Detective

Children can learn to approach animals using the printed pages of the Animal Tracks Activity for Kids game. It’s an educational game that matches animals with their footprints.

It’s no secret that mother nature has produced some shy animals that don’t like to come in close contact with humans. However, if you learn and recognize their footprints, it will become easier to identify them, or if you are interested in seeing the precious animal, you can follow the tracks.

Moreover, tracks are useful and a key to the treasures of an adventurous world, where you can study the habits of wild life.  

Anew! Animal tracking is a fascinating and cool activity for most kids at such a young age, as it makes them think like detectives and contributes to their mental development.

How to Play the Animal Tracks Game:

  1. Shuffle the cards and turn the animal part over the surface so that your kids won’t see it.
  2. Turn two cards at time and start the game. Let’s see your kids can match the animal with its footprints.
  3. And if the cards go side-by-side, put the pair aside and restart the game.
  4. Again! If the new pair doesn’t make a match, turn their face down and let another kid try.
  5. Whoever finds more matches becomes the new champion.
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How Can My Kids Guess/Match an Animal from Cards Only?

Each animal has two cards, which means that there are over 80 different animals. The part that will be visible are the footprints, which your children will match with the photograph of the animal.

The cards also include clear facts about the animal, so your child will have the opportunity to match the animal to the footprints and facts. In this way, your kids will gain a deeper understanding of the creatures.

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How Do Animal Tracks Show Up on Different Surfaces?

  • Animal tracks are way easier to find in mud, snow, soft soil, and sand.
  • Study the ground closely and note the size of the tracks to find clues. A sketch can be useful as well if there are claws
  • Track animals early in the morning or late in the afternoon when shadows make it easy to see their footprints.
  • You can look for animal scat. As it’s helpful to find the animals.
  • Don’t worry if you lose the trail, because you look around in a circle until you find new tracks
  • Above all, don’t get lost!
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Real Life Benefits of Animal Tracking

The game has many benefits, including a mental and physical approach towards a creature. As an added benefit, tracking animals boosts your kid’s mental development since he/she has only one clue to help him/her find the animal.

Plus, they’ll gain the ability to track animals and identify an animal when on an adventurous trip with you. More important, we’ve listed some key benefits of the animal tracking:

  • Using a direct and practical approach, it will introduce your children to nature.
  • By doing so, your children will be aware of your nearby area animals
  • Opens an opportunity for them to use critical thinking skills and scientific research methods
  • Gives them the opportunity to experience nature on both a mental and physical level
  • Your kids will learn a lot about various creatures through these practices
  • It will teach your kids to be a problem solver
  • It’s a plus to take your kids outside
  • It’s fun
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Get the Game:

You can buy The Young Scientists Club Animal Tracks Game from Amazon if you’d like to check out other creative printable related to the outdoors. You can challenge your kids and other family members with this animal tracks activity for kids. Also, its a great way to test your memory with this game.

Animal Tracks Game

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